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Welcome to World Enlightenment

World Enlightenment is an initiative to create a world in a higher consciousness where we all live in peace, love and harmony and realise we are all human beings without boundaries and differences. A World that seem to be impossible for many, but where are we without hope or trust. At World Enlightenment we explain why Love is the way and guide to a life in love for yourself and the world. 

About Sathanama

I am happy God and the Godforce helped me to understand life on Earth completely. My heart opened widely when I saw literally God in everybody when I walked on the street. This is pure intense love God wants us to discover we all carry in us.

Why World Enlightenment

As a child I already experienced God as pure love in me, only wanted to share and hug everybody.
I realised where there are fights or disturbances is a lack of love inside or outside ourselves.

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