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Welcome to World Enlightenment

World Enlightenment is an initiative I have started since I have realized who I am and who we all in fact truly are. I would like to share with you my experiences during my own journey to the power of Love & Light and help you understand our existence and the influence we have on creating a world in love, peace and harmony.
A world that is enlightened might seem like a fantasy, but it will become a reality, if we are only willing to reach it. For that we need to transform ourselves by embodying the light in us, which will make us realize who we truly are. Remembering that will bring inner happiness, love, strength, self-worth, peace and, most of all, faith. From my own experience I can say the journey is worthwhile. The light, which in fact, is God, is incredible. It brings harmony in every situation!
To be clear I don’t follow or preach a religion, but I do respect every religion that brings forth the pureness and beauty of God. It is a journey of our own, but if we radiate this light, we found the purpose of our life and I am sure harmony will prevail in the world.

My Story

In my thirties I was recognized by different people as a carrier of divine light. Some even mentioned they saw God with me. At that moment I didn’t know what was meant by that. I did remember as a child when my mum organized new year’s ceremonies, my heart expanded with so much Love & Light, that I got so emotional and wanted to hug everybody. I felt blessed. But leading a normal teenage and adult life these experiences seemed to fade away. At some point, I realized I couldn’t do my job as a researcher and investment analyst anymore. I simply spread my arms and asked God: ‘Please, let me do on Earth what I am here to do.’
Within two weeks my life changed drastically. Doors of the divine opened for me in various ways. I realized I knew things which I had never thought about in this life. I started to give ascension classes, opened a spiritual store to help those in need and discovered so many things about myself; like I was ordained to give blessings and initiations. It was an incredible journey.
During that journey of exploring I received and used my spiritual name `Sathanama`, which also described the gifts I carried with me about opening doors for souls to travel through. When I reached and completed the journey to understand the Light, I was ‘told’ by my divine guides to use my birth name ‘Dorita’ again. To be frank I really have to get used to that.
Anyway, my mission became very clear: bringing God, the divine light, in the world by helping to remember who we all truly are!

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